Localization Is Hard: Here's How We Solved It

Localization is hard because language is hard. What makes localization especially challenging is that words and sentences can’t be approached in a vacuum by a translator. The more context you can provide, the better. For example, imagine a label on a web page that just read: High. If you’re the translator looking at the word, are we trying to convey height? Some sort of drug state?


Write Better Ember Tests

If you’re not testing your code, well, you’ve got some nerve. For the rest of us rational people, let’s look at some basic tips for writing better Ember tests.


Ember Theming

Theming a web application typically involves swapping out stylesheets or moving CSS classes around. But what if you have a single page application? It’s a little tricky, but EmberJS and SASS make it incredibly easy.


Nobody is Going to Steal Your Dumb Idea

Hey, you make apps, right?

Ugh, yeah, sure, I make apps.


Ember: Get More Done

Ember often gets lost amidst talks of other frameworks and tools like Angular, React, etc. and I think that’s incredibly unfortunate. Because of Ember, I’m the most productive I have been in years and building some of the best software I have ever written. It’s not that Ember is fundamentally better than other frameworks (but it is…), it’s that Ember makes decisions for me, it makes my workflow far less complicated, levels the playing field and gives me more time to spend building awesome software.