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Nobody is Going to Steal Your Dumb Idea

Hey, you make apps, right?

Ugh, yeah, sure, I make apps.

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Recruiting Developers: Your Pitch Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

Recruiters have a tough job, especially when it comes to placing software developers. I would also imagine any sales/commission based job is a difficult one, because it’s simply a skill that I’m just bad at. Having said that, recruiting software developers has become a miserable experience for all parties involved.

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Using meta theme-color for a Quick Win

For websites and web applications, a minor detail that often goes overlooked is the use of the “theme-color” meta attribute.

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Setting Up Email with Postfix, Dovecot and MySQL

I had recently set up a Linode (which is awesome by the way) to handle the incoming and outgoing mail of a domain of mine. Linode actually has very good instructions on the subject, which can be found here.

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Google Glass First Impressions

My interest in Google Glass was mostly for development, given its radically different experience and very interesting potential use cases. I was also very interested in the device from a societal standpoint in the sense that Glass is so new, people aren’t fully aware of them yet like they are with mobile phones.

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Ubuntu 64 bit and Juniper VPN

I’ve got 99 problems and installing the Juniper VPN in Ubuntu is all of them. If you have ever had that thought, then you’re in the right spot.