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Localization Is Hard. Here's How We Solved It

Localization is hard because language is hard. What makes localization especially challenging is that words and sentences can’t be approached in a vacuum by a translator. The more context you can provide, the better. For example, imagine a label on a web page that just read: High. If you’re the translator looking at the word, are we trying to convey height? Some sort of drug state?

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Nobody is Going to Steal Your Dumb Idea

Hey, you make apps, right?

Ugh, yeah, sure, I make apps.

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Building a Software Product: Lessons Learned

I spent a good portion of my spare time over the last few years working on a side project. For this particular project I formed an LLC, opened a bank account, existed on multiple social media platforms, had both an iOS and Android app and so forth. Now I can’t wait to shut it all down.

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Google Glass First Impressions

My interest in Google Glass was mostly for development, given its radically different experience and very interesting potential use cases. I was also very interested in the device from a societal standpoint in the sense that Glass is so new, people aren’t fully aware of them yet like they are with mobile phones.