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Write Better Ember Tests

If you’re not testing your code, well, you’ve got some nerve. For the rest of us rational people, let’s look at some basic tips for writing better Ember tests.

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Code Quality Matters

Maintaining software, especially when you are not the original author, is the worst. How many times have you looked at brutal code and your first thought was, “Why don’t I just re-write this?” Of course, this thought is detrimental to your time, your perception of a codebase and potentially to your team. Here are some tips to maintain code quality over time.

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Put Some Fiber in Your Dump

First, if you’re a software developer and not writing tests, please either start immediately or quit your job forever.

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Codeception Acceptance Tests - Using Multiple Databases

Codeception is a great PHP testing framework and I would highly recommend it to anyone that needs functional, unit or acceptance testing, even if your application isn’t PHP based. Not only does it give you a lot out of the box, but it’s very modular and extensible.